What Sets Kindergarten Apart From Preschool?

At Fantasy Island Schools for Kids, a premium preschool in Norwood Park, we understand the importance of laying a strong educational foundation for your child’s future. As parents explore their options for early education, they often encounter the question: What sets kindergarten apart from preschool?

Let’s look into it!

Preschool: Where Exploration Meets Discovery

In our preschool, we create an enchanting environment where young minds are encouraged to explore, discover, and grow. From the moment your child steps into our classrooms, they’re immersed in a world of wonder and excitement. Our experienced educators blend play-based learning with structured activities to foster cognitive, social, and emotional development.

In the preschool years, children ages 2 to 5 engage in hands-on experiences that ignite their curiosity and lay the groundwork for future academic success. Through art, music, storytelling, and interactive play, they develop essential skills such as language acquisition, fine motor coordination, and problem-solving abilities.

Kindergarten: Bridging Imagination with Academics

As children transition into kindergarten at Fantasy Island, they embark on a new chapter of their educational journey. Kindergarten is where imagination meets academics, as we guide our students towards mastering foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.

In our kindergarten in Norwood Park, we offer a rich and dynamic curriculum designed to prepare children for the rigors of elementary school and beyond. Our dedicated teachers provide personalized attention and support, ensuring that each child reaches their full potential.

Unlike preschool, kindergarten introduces more structured learning activities, including guided reading, math exercises, and science investigations. Through hands-on projects, group discussions, and collaborative problem-solving, children develop the confidence and skills needed to excel in a classroom setting.

At Fantasy Island Schools for Kids, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless transition from preschool to kindergarten. Our holistic approach to early education ensures continuity of learning and growth, allowing children to build upon the foundation laid in their preschool years. We nurture their innate curiosity, ignite their passion for learning, and empower them to soar to new heights.

While preschool sparks curiosity and lays the groundwork for learning, kindergarten at Fantasy Island takes that curiosity and shapes it into academic readiness. With our innovative programs, dedicated teachers, and nurturing environment, we’re committed to guiding your child through every stage of their educational journey.

Join us at Fantasy Island Schools for Kids, your child’s go-to preschool in Norwood Park, where every day is an adventure in learning!