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Why Is Early Childhood Curriculum So Important?

Fantasy Island Schools for Kids is where every child’s journey begins with a magical touch! As the best daycare in Gladstone Park, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment that fosters holistic child development. We understand the paramount importance of a well-rounded curriculum that builds the foundation for a lifetime of success.

The Significance of a Well-Rounded Curriculum

Our commitment to excellence starts with our carefully crafted curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of children at each stage of their early development. A well-rounded curriculum serves as the cornerstone for a child’s growth, ensuring that they not only acquire academic knowledge but also develop essential life skills and a love for learning.

Literacy Exploration

In our classrooms, literacy takes center stage. Our dedicated educators engage children in captivating storytelling sessions, interactive reading experiences, and language-rich activities. By immersing children in the world of words, we ignite their imagination, cultivate language skills, and set the stage for a lifelong love of reading.

Numeracy Adventures

Being the best kindergarten in Gladstone Park, we believe that a strong foundation in numeracy is key to unlocking a child’s potential in various aspects of life. Our curriculum incorporates hands-on math activities, games, and puzzles that make learning numbers an exciting adventure. From counting magical creatures to solving imaginative math challenges, our numeracy program lays the groundwork for future academic success.

Artistic Expression

Creativity knows no bounds at Fantasy Island! Our arts program encourages children to express themselves through various mediums, fostering imagination, self-confidence, and fine motor skills. From colorful finger painting to crafting imaginative projects, our young learners discover the joy of self-expression while developing their artistic abilities.

Physical Fitness and Well-being

A healthy body is the vessel for a healthy mind. Our curriculum places emphasis on physical activities that promote motor skills, coordination, and overall well-being. Through outdoor play, structured exercises, and yoga, we ensure that children develop a love for an active lifestyle, setting the stage for a lifetime of physical health.

Holistic Child Developmen

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to address the holistic development of each child, nurturing their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being. We believe in creating an environment where curiosity is celebrated, individuality is embraced, and a sense of wonder is cultivated.

At Fantasy Island, we transform learning into a captivating journey, ensuring that every child’s time with us is filled with joy, exploration, and the building blocks of a bright future. Enroll your child in the best preschool in Gladstone Park today!