A Day in The Life of a Kindergartener

Welcome to the magical world of Kindergarten in Chicago, where young minds are nurtured, and curiosity knows no bounds. Let’s peek into a typical day in the life of a Kindergartener at Fantasy Island Schools for Kids.

Morning Greetings and Warm-Up

The day starts with smiles and greetings as our little explorers arrive, excited for the adventures ahead. Every moment is a chance for learning and growth in a full-time Kindergarten program like ours in Chicago.

The morning warm-up session is a lively affair. Students engage in interactive activities that get their bodies moving and minds ready for the day’s lessons. Whether it’s a “Simon Says” game to boost listening skills or a mini dance party for physical fun, our Kindergarteners start their day with energy and enthusiasm.

Literacy and Language Adventures

Kindergarten is a time of blossoming literacy, and our curriculum at Fantasy Island Schools for Kids in Chicago is carefully crafted to enhance these skills. During the morning, our young scholars dive into the world of words and stories.

Math Mastery and Scientific Explorations

Numbers, shapes, and scientific wonders await our Kindergarteners. These inquisitive minds engage in hands-on activities that make math and science come to life. Whether counting colourful counters, creating patterns or exploring the wonders of the natural world, our Chicago Kindergarteners build a solid foundation for future learning.

Lunch and Bonding Time

After a morning filled with learning and exploration, our Kindergarteners gather for a nutritious and locally sourced lunch. Sharing a meal fosters social skills and strengthens the sense of community.

Afternoon Adventures and Enrichment

The afternoon brings a variety of enrichment activities. Whether delving into the magic of books during library time, experimenting with hands-on science projects, or engaging in group discussions, our Kindergarteners in Chicago continue to learn, grow, and have fun.

Reflection and Preparing for Tomorrow

At Fantasy Island, we understand that every child is unique. Thus, our experienced teachers reflect on each child’s progress, needs, and accomplishments. This individualized attention ensures that every Kindergartener reaches their full potential.

As the day winds down, our Chicago Kindergarteners prepare for tomorrow. They receive assignments or activities that allow them to practice and consolidate the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired during the day.

End of the Day and Parent Pick-Up

With smiles on their faces and newfound knowledge in their hearts, our Kindergarteners conclude their day. They eagerly share their adventures with their parents during pick-up time, fostering a sense of pride in their daily accomplishments.

Key Takeaways!

At Fantasy Island Schools for Kids, Kindergarten is not just about education; it’s about creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning. We provide a solid foundation for your child’s academic journey, giving them the skills and confidence they need to succeed in elementary school and beyond.